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Agnes permanent® exclusive lips pmu colour set

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One of the most Long-Awaited Exclusive Lips PMU Colour set created by worldwide known Permanent Makeup artists and trainer Agnes Permanent®!

Exclusivity is important to us therefore each pigment colour from this set is named to represent the best values! It is easy to remember each pigment as the name is associating with its colour.

Whether you are looking for natural lip colours or wanting to get more bright results, you will find the perfect shades in this beautifully balanced lip pigment set!

As a set of 7, these pigments are designed to be mixed and matched to achieve an absolutely stunning result! In this set you will also receive a PMU pigment stand which is made from an organic glass!

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Pure white colour. Used for advanced highlighting techniques, like 3D lips and Frozen lips.


Baby pink colour for a powdery warm pastel shade for lips. As a result, you receive delicate lips with a touch of matte pink colour. Suitable for light skin types.


A light pink/nude tone for lips, which resembles the natural lip colour, suits those who prefer to correct lips hyperpigmentation, scars after cold sores or asymmetry. It can be used for lightening other pigments.


Glowing pink/coral colour, neutral tone, suits for clients who want peachy results. Orange based color, suits for dark lips neutralization.


Neutral colour for delicate red lips. Colour intensity depends on natural lip redness. By mixing with serenity or hope you can control intensity of the pigment, from light pink to darker pink shade.


A fresh, cool colour which resembles dusty rose tone, especially good for a light/medium skin tone.


A medium intense nude brown tone with pink undertones.


Best quality pigments for permanent make up. Agnes Permanent® pigments line only uses selected pigments of pharmaceutical quality, especially suitable for permanent make-up. They meet the strictest purity criteria of health and cosmetic regulations. Agnes Permanent® uses pigments which are produced by select certified pigment-suppliers to produce the brilliant permanent make-up colours in laboratory in Germany. Agnes Permanent® colours are in accordance with the category 1 of the EU cosmetic regulations and have been approved by the F. D. A. (Food and Drug Administration, USA). They do not contain azoic dyes or any heavy metals which are dangerous to health. Laboratory tests, retained samples, batch system and regular laboratory inspections guarantee purity and extreme high quality for all colours. Our pigments are specially adjusted to different skin types during production. Analysis certificate are available on request.

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