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“All about lips” Manual Book (PDF Format)

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“All about Lips” theory book (PDF) step by step to authorised Agnes Permanent lip blush procedure!

Our manual book is designed to provide you with a seamless learning experience. We understand that some people prefer a well-structured format for absorbing information, and that’s why we’ve created this manual book. It is thoughtfully designed to enhance your understanding and make your learning journey easier.

What you will find in this book?
–  Descriptions of Lip Blush Techniques: Dive into the 2in1 Technique, Agnes’ signature Frozen lips®, Velvet lips, All step-by-step secrets for absolute clarity in each process.
– Different machines and how to work with them: Understand the nuances of different machines short-stroke, long-stroke how to choose the right machine to achieve the perfect look for your clients.
– Angles and Movements: Perform correct angles and movements to create perfect healed results.
– Organic pigments vs. Inorganic pigments: Elevate your colour-matching skills by combining mineral and organic pigments in one procedure
– Needle Theory and Tricks: One of the most common mistakes from PMU artists is choosing the wrong needles. You will have absolute clarity & confidence of which needle you’ll need to choose for your job. You will learn how to make your needle manually for a better and faster result.
– Colour Theory: Colour-matching skills, How to choose the perfect pigments Perfect pigments for diverse skin tones Combining organic and mineral pigments for the ideal colour.
– Best Agnes Tips: Discover how to reduce swelling during the procedure and finish lip blush in just 90 minutes.
– How to achieve perfect healed result: Acquire techniques and tips to ensure your clients’ lips heal perfectly, resulting in a long-lasting and beautiful outcome.
– “2in1 Technique” Step by step.
– How to get beautiful pictures of the final result: Discover the art of capturing outstanding pictures for your social media, enhancing your online presence, and showcasing your expertise.

We would like to clarify that there is a Manual book (PDF format). If you want to have physical version of this book, you need to purchase it separately.  

With this book, you can learn all the key skills required to create a beautiful PMU lip blush. It covers everything you need to know to get started with PMU lip blush procedures.

We strongly recommend purchasing this book along with our online course “All about Lips” for the best learning experience.

The total number of pages: 58 pages

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