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The Mouth Guards are a MUST HAVE for your Lip Blush procedures.

Why it is so important for PMU Artist?

  • Mouth Guard protects teeth from pigment sticking on them or between them.
  • It protects teeth from needle.
  • Also, it helps to work easier if your Client has crooked teeth.
  • Helps the Client who has braces feel better.

Once you try my Lip Blush Mouth Guards, you will wonder how you worked without them in the past. Raise the quality of your work and at the same time increase the comfort of your client during the procedure.

Designed for single use per client (disposable). Due to the bacterial nature of the mouth, combined with the cleanliness requirements of PMU procedures, we don’t recommend reusing the same Mouth Guard for subsequent PMU procedures, even if it is with the same client.

*Mouth Guards are made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). They are an excellent choice from an environmental standpoint. TPE materials are made from non-toxic 100% recyclable plastics are highly eco-friendly.

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