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Agnes Permanent

PMU trainings | supplies | procedures

Permanent makeup courses pmu training online
Agnes Permanent PMU

Online Training

Agnes is worldwide famous PMU artist and well known for her famous lips techniques! Today she is sharing with you all her knowledge and you have a chance to learn it online!

Permanent makeup courses pmu training online
Agnes Permanent PMU

Online Training

Agnes is worldwide famous PMU artist and well known for her famous lips techniques! Today she is sharing with you all her knowledge and you have a chance to learn it online!

Permanent Make Up


Lips and brows pigments, measurement tools and other professional supplies for PMU artists

Permanent makeup classes near me pmu training online
Agnes permanent makeup training pmu certification
Professional live courses

basic course and Masterclasses

PMU training courses, microblading and manual ombre brows training courses, advanced training classes and masterclasses, medical permanent makeup training classes.

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At Agnes Permanent, we have created a comprehensive FAQ section to provide all the necessary information for anyone interested in taking our PMU courses. Our FAQ section includes answers to common questions about the courses, the prerequisites for enrollment, our experienced instructors, the costs involved, and the resources available after the course. We believe that this section will help you make informed decisions about your education and career goals.

Micropigmentation beginners course usually take 5 intensive days. Our students get the newest semi-permanent
makeup theory, also practice on 7 live models. Furthermore, Agnes performs demonstration model and Students
have possibility to record all moments from it. In the end of the training, we provide marketing lesson with
many important marketing advices to start your successful business in beauty industry. Agnes and her marketing
team provide the most useful and essential information and advices to her students.

Lip blush Masterclass usually takes 2 intensive days. During these days, you’ll learn the most wanted PMU lip
blush techniques: Agnes Permanent signature Frozen lips technique, the newest 2in1 technique and Velvet lips
Masterclass contains:
– PMU Color theory.
– How to combine organic and mineral pigments during one lip blush procedure.
– Different permanent make-up machines and how to work with them.
– Different PMU pigment brands.
– Tricks with cartridges for a better and faster result.
– How to achieve perfect healed lip blush result.
– How to finish lip blush procedure in 1 hour and 30 minutes.
– Easiest way for pre-drawing.
– How to get beautiful pictures of the final PMU result.
– Marketing.
and many secrets that Agnes have gained over 12 years of experience in PMU industry!

If you are a permanent makeup beginner, online training doesn’t suit for you. Permanent makeup is very
responsible procedure that should be learned with the full supervision by your teacher. Also, you need to work
on live models. More models during the class the better qualification you will get. Online trainings/courses are
only for already qualified PMU Artists.
If you are already qualified micropigmentation Artist, you can find all our online courses here (here padaryti
nuoroda i shopa online training).

If you are a SPMU beginner you will need to purchase rotary PMU device. We have our own Agnes Permanent
machine, that we are suggesting to purchase before the training. Beside that, we always give a list of
recommended permanent makeup devices that have been tested over many years of experience and are the most
suitable for permanent makeup Artists.

If you don’t have any experience in micropigmentation, don’t worry – everyone is welcome! Any of you can
join our PMU beginners training, there is no need to have any special education beforehand. Permanent makeup

training is chosen by women from various fields: managers, lawyers, specialists of other beauty fields and many
more. During the training, everything is taught from scratch, so you don't need to have any qualifications at all.
The most important thing is that you have to desire to learn and gain new knowledge about Permanent Makeup,
not be afraid to ask questions and engage in training 100%
If you are joining our Lip blush Masterclass you need to be qualified with PMU rotary machine

In the Micropigmentation beginners training you will learn:
– The newest theory of lips and brows;
– How are Permanent Cosmetic Procedures Performed?
– Advantages of Permanent Makeup;
– A lot of information about contraindications;
– What clients have to avoid and how to behave after the procedure?
– Permanent Makeup and skin types;
– Lips and eyebrows pre-draw;
– Differences between organic and mineral pigments;
– Color theory;
– Different needles;
– Marketing tips and tricks;
and many more!

The most popular Micropigmentation course is 5 days for brows and lips (those who want to add PMU eyeliner
it is possible as well). This PMU course is for beginners who don’t have any experience in micropigmentation.
For those who are already qualified in micropigmentation we are suggesting our live 2 days Masterclass “All
about Lips”. All lip blush techniques in one Masterclass including clients most wanted Frozen lips (This
technique is currently one of the most popular techniques in lips PMU industry) and the newest 2in1 technique.

Permanent Makeup courses have a lot of benefits. This specialty is very creative, PMU Artists always have
unlimited opportunities to reveal themselves. Remember, that you will always have opportunity to set and
change your work schedule, it means you can dictate your own work hours, number of clients and procedures,
go for a vacation whenever you want. This profession will not only give you these benefits, but it will also
allow you to become financially independent because of the excellent salary. Becoming Permanent Makeup
Artist lets you to meet new people and travel the world as well. This profession also enhances marketing and
sales skills due to the fact a business must be promoted, either via social media or some other means.

On the last day of the Permanent Makeup training, each student gets a 5-question theory exam, which consists

of the theory that the students learn during the training, to check how a person has absorbed the information,
whether she takes her work seriously, and whether she is worthy of being called a Qualified PMU Artist after
the Micropigmentation training.

The price of Permanent Makeup training for beginners (5 intense days) – 2200 pounds + VAT
Masterclass “All about Lips” (2 days) – 1300 pounds + VAT

Yes, goodie bag is included in Permanent Makeup trainings. On the first day of micropigmentation training, all
students receive a goodie bag as a gift. Each student can find various Agnes Permanent products in her goodie
bag, which will help you during the procedures, not only during the training, but also after it. Goodie bag
includes: pre-drawing tools (mapping string, pre-draw paste and brush), measurement tools (measurement
stickers rulers), Agnes Permanent pigments samples and other things that you will need to start your career as a
PMU Artist.

Unfortunately, no. When student is booking seat for the any training, they are paying deposit. We ask for full
payment one day before the permanent makeup course. Therefore, we cannot provide any exceptions.

After live trainings you will get the certificate. Our certificates are UK accredited and recognized worldwide.
The certificates are accredited by ABT company.
Online courses are for already qualified PMU artists who have insurance so our online courses aren’t accredited.

Before starting your Permanent Makeup career, always think about how you want to start and what do you
expect after the training. You must definitely study only with the best PMU teacher, whose work you like, who
has a lot of experience, and we always recommend to choose a teacher like Agnes, who is international master,
travels a lot around the world and conducts her training in various countries, who has many students from all
over the world and impeccable reputation. Always review all the information about the teacher, what techniques
she performs, how she works with her students and also clients before starting to train with her. Remember, that
a good PMU Artist may not always be a good teacher.

After our Permanent Makeup course, you can start to work straight after. After you finish our live
micropigmentation training, you will get life time support from Agnes. You will be able to get advices from her
how to start your business, how to communicate with clients in the most difficult situations, Agnes will help
you to improve yourself more. Also, you will get best tips and advices not only for Permanent Makeup but also

For the last 3 years, in the end of the Permanent Makeup course we have been providing marketing lesson with
many important marketing advices to start your successful business in beauty industry. Agnes and her marketing
team provide the most useful and essential information and advices to her students. We are teaching students
how to use most useful apps for your content creation (pictures editing, collages, video editing), how to boost
post in Instagram and many other things. Agnes gives a lot of advices, how to start your business in social
media, how to promote it and all other tips that will help you to start create amazing content in your social

Our academy provides PMU live trainings, Permanent Makeup procedures and online courses for already
qualified micropigmentation Artists.
Lip blushing: Lip blushing is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that can enhance your natural beauty and
give you the perfect look.
In our academy Permanent Makeup Artists offer the most popular lip blush techniques: Velvet lips, Agnes
Permanent signature Frozen lips, Aquarelle lips and also the newest 2in1 technique.
What is Frozen Lips? Frozen lips process combines with our artistic flair in shading, outlining, infilling and
beautifying to create a dream lips. The basic idea is that we aren’t using only one color, we’re using layers:
main chosen color and white pigment. White pixels are added in the end of the treatment for outline and for full
filling. In the end we’re getting bright result, which gives an effect of hoarfrost.
Ombre brows: It’s a great option for anyone looking to enhance their eyebrows with a natural-looking, long-
lasting result.
Eyeliner: Permanent eyeliner is for those who want to enhance their eyes’ appearance and save time on daily
makeup routine. In our academy Permanent Makeup Artists offer three types of PMU eyeliner – eyelash
enhancement (lash enhancement, or invisible eyeliner as it is often called, involves tattooing an ultra-thin black
line along the top lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker, thicker lashes. The result is a natural, youthful,
eye-opening effect), classic eyeliner (classic eyeliner frame the eyes and make eyelashes appear thicker, darker
and fuller; full black eyeliner with hard “edges”) and shaded eyeliner (shaded eyeliner will give you a soft &
subtle wing that accentuates the shape of the eyes. This technique creates a beautiful winged eyeliner, but the
shading keeps it soft and natural. It is best for large, open eyes with little to no wrinkles), which is the most
dramatic look.



This video provides just a glimpse into the vast array of training opportunities available through Permanent Make UP Courses Online. Our platform offers an extensive library of PMU courses covering diverse subjects, ensuring that learners can continuously expand their knowledge and skills in various areas of interest. From specialized industry certifications to creative pursuits and beyond, Agnes Permanent is your one-stop destination for lifelong PMU learning.

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